Behind the scene of smart grid from a view point of security approach

F. Gheisarian, R. Pesyanian *

Department of Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Hafez Street, Tehran, Iran


The purpose of this work is studying the infrastructure for the traditional grid and smart grid. Together they depend upon management and control system but the main modification is in the security system because it activities the benefits of the cyber world for realizing its objectives. It also faces security attacks, therefore the security of the smart grid becomes the foremost concern. Even the best smart grid infrastructure along with best management and control mechanisms are ineffective if the security of the smart grid is not taken into account. Importance of protection in smart grid is discussed in this research and a review of progress made by researchers and governments and the technologies used in the area is presented. The security issues involved with the current infrastructure are identified. Areas in security where the research is still needed are pointed out. Some observations regarding the improvement of security in smart grid are discussed.


Smart grid, Smart protection, Security, Smart management, Smart infrastructure

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Received 15 October 2017, Received in revised form 15 January 2018, Accepted 20 January 2018

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Gheisarian  F and Pesyanian R (2018). Behind the scene of smart grid from a view point of security approach. Annals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1(2): 1-6

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